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SACANEX or 'CANEX' herewith referred to as CANEX memberships enable clients to transact on the CANEX.  Membership on the CANEX means that a member is allowed to make transactions via all the CANEX Marketplace around the world using our CANEX platform providing the member with full price transparency and regulatory reporting.  Founding Membership or ownership formally belongs to one or more of an organizations principals depending on how many Founding Memberships or shares are purchased or earned by the organization.  Founding Memberships are bought and sold at market value due to a finite number of members. To become a member or advanced member there is very little we ask and that is we may require some documentation and or there may be a nominal fee in order to make any number of trades including all the services membership offers. 

Membership Pricing

At this time, due to high demand pricing for Membership, please contact us directly to inquire about membership pricing and availability.

Becoming a Member

Membership is open to licensed Cultivators, Wholesale Distributors, and Retail Distributors.  To register for membership, complete and submit the appropriate membership agreement-account application along with supporting documents.