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My Account - Launch Introduction. by Randmint Inc. (NGO) @Randmint

We at the Randmint Inc. understand that it is not a legal issue but a human ethical one that drives us in our mission to endeavor to do what we can to help each other help ourselves.

We need to create an environment for human beings to thrive. To do this there are a number of issues that need to be addressed.

We decided to choose the poorest, most underdeveloped, area in Southern Africa; it also happens to be the most beautiful unspoiled region of Southern Africa known as the 'Transkei' or 'Wild Coast'

We have founded The Transkei Co. or Transkei Company. the Transkei.Club and the among a number of others the as an example as we are planning a number of adventures including government assisted Weed cultivation that is called Ganja or Dagga in South Africa and the best stuff is from the Transkei.

This medicinal or celebrity herb may or may not be harmful that is for you to decide we will only follow the law firstly of SA where we are based and then with permission granted the laws in your country or region to provide what we already have all funds going to the kind generous hard working people who need our help.


For only $9.99 a a month would be fantastic, a year would be really great, in return you ehen you visit the part of the world will be a lifetime member as if we have our way the region will be a national park and entry will be around $99.00 per week you can stay for 2 months a year at no charge just from your $9.99 a year contribution, the offers the same plus a sampling if your doctor insists of our lovely cultivars. Let us not get a head of ourselves.

We will be providing free internet for as many people as possible and mobile devices at no or a very low cost; your $9.99 with enable someone to eat, learn to play a game learn to use a computer build houses and create power from wind this is the beginning.

We will list lodges, hotels and everything in-between we will arrange airfares at discount prices for those who want a uni-break, have a weed sorry week in paradise teach a kid a little of whatever language you speak this is not a formal work camp we have those all we are asking is come and visit stay at any of the lodges or hotels and who knows you may be one of the first 100 people who get a free beach cottage...


Where to begin:

Almost everyone has a mobile phone with the highest calling rates in the world. So we decided to attempt to create a small WiFi Free zone in a small town by the Sea.

The next step is to create some jobs & training so we decided to court the few lodges & bungalows (Small cottages) & promote these tourist destinations at no charge but with a condition that a certain amount of time must be spent teaching & educating not necessary mathematics but, much more practical stuff like operating a guest house, setting these up with the facilities that even a backpacker would need...

We also found a tremendous lack of information regarding shops, pharmacies & other basic provisions that would be required especially for a family with kids.

Our current project is a Club Med type resort for young adults who are looking for a uni-break, the sea, stars & as much weed as they can smoke.

This is tricky due to obvious issues however we have a plan!

We at the Randmint Inc. understand that we need to create an environment for human beings to thrive. To do this there are a number of issues that need to be addressed.

Thank you Nikon for supplying us a top of the range DSLR camera and lenses not to mention the outfits. 

Randmint and Nikon weeding the way. We want to hep you promote your brand & products @Randmint. Unfortunately our mandate is strictly high street branded products.

We are looking for sponsors; all types who will receive a share certificate as we would like to run this endeavor as a business. You will always get something back a minted gold coin or a holiday house on the beach that depends on you, but for know we like to thank Nikon for supplying us a top of the range DSLR and lenses for our professional photographer however we do need a 4x4 with your companies logo and contact details in order to-get your name out there!

We understand you would rather have your 4x4 parading around Athol Square with a model driving it! However we will be in the 'Transkei' but we will guarantee a certain number of 'pro advertising' still & videos published containing your brand & details for all to see. Your brand will also be the names and logos associated with free internet and other mind boggling things that many people have yet to sea.

Thank you Nikon for supplying us a top of the range DSLR camera & lenses for our professional photographer who is taking 3 years 'unpaid leave' to photograph the entire Transkei Coast; we are still waiting for a DJI Drone for the Ariel Stuff. 


Randmint and Nikon shooting the way. We want to hep you promote your brand & products @Randmint

All photo's & video will offer above the line and below the line advertising,  ensuring your brand & company are part of this exciting evolution.

Remember long after the actual event has been forgotten (Turning a power switch for the first time in your home) Read more

The feeling of utter joy, even divine ecstasy will never be forgotten & with that feeling our minds tend to believe the feeling is created or delivered by a physical object or action thus the brand & the very impressive photographic equipment & our photo guy with the big Nikon logo on his chest will for ever be believed a huge part of the joy!

It most probably will be the driving factor in their kids careers as that name 'Nikon' brought so much joy! 

Everyone's welcome start from $9.99 a year buys you a number of joys including the chance to win 100 beach houses seriously. Advertise your company.

Contact us for details.
Email: or
and we will reply with any information you require.


Thanks have a great day.

Management The Randmint and our NGO Non Profit En-devours.